This frame was created for my Psychology class. The assignment was to create a piece in any medium that accurately a displays psychological disorder. Being familiar with social anxiety, I chose to create a frame that shows what it's like to feel terrified in social situations. I began with the open head of a single character, to show that the scene around him is taking place within his/her mind. The text in the background is faint and a little distorted, outlining the rushing, frantic thoughts of the main character. The acquaintances around him take the form of monsters or boogeymen, shown in black as creepy, messy figures all staring directly toward the main character. I wanted to use plenty of texture to give the frame a bit of grit and discomfort, so I used a paper texture overlay with pencil brushes for the linework. The frame as a whole presents a second of insight into the mind of somebody with social anxiety during a single social interaction. While it may look like an animated horror movie, the feeling is very real, and relatively common.

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Creative direction by Sam Button & Kian Pritchett

Illustrated by Sam Button

Reference photography by Kian Pritchett